Twitter Is Calling Bullsh*t On The Results From Trump’s First Presidential Physical
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Twitter Is Calling Bullsh*t On The Results From Trump’s First Presidential Physical



It only seemed like moments ago when I was last writing about Donald Trump at the forefront of yet another scandal. We’ve had the ‘shithole countries‘ comments only last week. We’ve also had the conspiracy over his Disneyland ‘Don-Bot‘ looking somewhat similar to Hilary Clinton and then there was the beautiful rebellion from the team at Cards Against Humanity.

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Turns out this has something more to do with his records. More specifically, the physical examination he recently completed and the information that was given to the press. No biggie right? Well, it certainly has divide opinions and I don’t think it’s just conspiracy theorists who think there may be some ‘altering’ of his details.

Now, we all know this 71-year-old man isn’t the pinnacle of health. He lives on a diet of Big Mac’s and a dozen cans of Diet Coke a day, very little exercise (apart from golfing) and managing to squeeze in 4-8 hours of television into his presidential timetable.

But hey, that’s why the president gets seasonal physicals. You may remember during the election that Trump’s personal physician assured people that he would be the healthiest president “ever”. Yeah sure he would, he’s the oldest guy and a great big lummox, I’m sure he can run circles around Obama (or even George Bush for that matter)!

You said it, Donald

People were eagerly waiting until the day the president’s first physical by an actual military doctor (who wasn’t on Trump’s payroll) would happen so they would have the evidence for some of these bold claims. Well, the results are in and the wait is over!

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During a press briefing with Sarah Sanders on the 16th of January 2018, Dr Ronny Jackson, the lead doctor at the White House, came to talk about the results of Donald’s physical and cognitive examinations.

Feel free to watch the video to see the doctor’s report, and have a look at the reactions in the tweets below the video.

But the report is leaving a lot of people feeling incredibly sceptical as there’s a lot of information that doesn’t quite seem to add up. The basic information we were given was that Trump’s physical revealed that he was 6ft3 and weighing in at 239lbs. Now, I’m no expert, but there’s no chance in hell that Trump can be just over 17 stone! Not unless he’s 70% helium.

The Body Shaming Started

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There were some puzzling finds

It didn’t take long for people to start noticing some interesting results in the examination. Firstly, it would appear that Donald Trump at the ripe old age of 71 has managed to gain an inch in height. A photograph of his driver’s licence states that he is 6ft2. Remarkable that at his age, he’s still growing… And upwards as well!

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But why would he want to change his height? At over 6 feet tall, he can’t be self-conscious surely? Well, based on his weight, people think they’ve found the answers and it’s actually quite interesting.

With the weight that the doctor shared with the press and his added 1 inch in height, that puts Donald Trump at exactly 1lb under being considered clinically obese on a BMI scale. So it would appear that people are happy with an overweight president, just not an obese one!

Then the real shady tweets came flooding in!

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Some of the tweets and comments about Trump’s physical are sounding humorously similar to some of the bold claims that the North Korean press has made about Kim Jong-un over the years. We didn’t believe it then, I think there are a lot of people who aren’t believing this now!

Trump's physical

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Now, there are a lot of people who would say that this sort of behaviour is cruel. But with Trump’s track record for insulting immigrants, women, Mexicans, fat people and those with disabilities, I’m sure this is just karma coming back to haunt his wobbly body.

If you want to see the full press conference, including the questions asked after Trump’s physical examination results were read out, click here: – Full Press Conference

What do you think about Donald Trump’s physical results? Are you sceptical or do you think the ‘fake news’ is trying to find a scoop? At Thirsty we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. 🍔

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