Top 20 Drone Pictures Of 2017 Have Been Announced By Dronestagram, And They’ll Fill You With Awe
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Top 20 Drone Pictures Of 2017 Have Been Announced By Dronestagram, And They’ll Fill You With Awe



Technology is an ever-advancing spectrum of life-changing movements, entertainment and social development. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that drones are all the rage nowadays.

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Yep, those things that previously seemed like a work of evil from a dystopian movie about the end of the world are now lovable gadgets and kids toys. Though shows like Black Mirror would make us believe that technology is evil, others are proving that drones aren’t just for peeping Tom’s.

Drones have been on quite a turbulent journey from technological advancement, to spy gadget to a toy. But some people want to show that the flying devices can be used for much more artistic projects.

Back in 2014, the first ever pornographic film, entitled Drone Boning, was shot (surprisingly, quite tastefully) using drones. Photographers and filmmakers alike are now using the tech to their advantage to create beautiful visual imagery.

Dronestagram is a community that gathers photographers from around the world who have a mutual love for drone photography. People worldwide can share their passions and their imagery to the page for other likeminded people to enjoy. The results are actually rather breathtaking.

I think drone photography has become a phenomenon because as humans, we love to see the world from different angles and points of view. Perspectives are everything, so seeing the world from up high like a bird.

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Every year, the Dronestagram community holds a competition to find the best drone photographs from the previous year. The sensational top 20 of 2017 has now been announced and the images are of incredibly varied parts of the world.

1. Stingray And Girls

2. Motorbike Bridge Over River In Thailand

3. Water Lily

4. Cracked Mud Boating

5. The Majestic Beast Nanuk

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6. Marigolds

7. Kefalonia Melissani Cave

8. Concrete Jungle

9. Swimming With A Whale

10. Salt Fields

11. The Most Famous Waterfall In Iceland Gullfoss

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12. Tropical Island Beach, Dominican Republic

13. Portuguese Surfer

14. Rising Waters

15. Quad Bikes In The Dunes

16. Cruising The Route 66

17. Hippos

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18. Dawn On Mercy Tower

19. Stairway To Heaven

20. Home. Sweet. Home.

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