Pigcasso The Painting Pig Was Saved From Slaughter By Expressing Herself Through Her Masterpieces
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Pigcasso The Painting Pig Was Saved From Slaughter By Expressing Herself Through Her Masterpieces



You’ve heard of Picasso, right? If you haven’t you’ve been living under a rock. Well, there’s a new artist on the scene that you definitely need to be following. She goes by the name of ‘Pigcasso‘ and she’s no ordinary pig.

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After being rescued by the incredible humans at Farm Sanctuary SA, the creative porcine princess found that the best way to express herself was through painting. In fact, she’s rarely ever seen without her trademark paintbrush planted firmly in her mouth.

Pigcasso’s finished artwork is available for purchase and the money benefits the rescued animals at the Cape Town, South Africa farm.

The farm’s website has the most magical description of her if you don’t feel inspired enough:


She’s fat, friendly and fabulous! Meet Pigcasso – the fine swine who was rescued from the brink of extinction at a South African pig ‘farm’. From pork chop to hog heaven, she loves the sweet things in life: Eat. Sleep. Eat. Repeat. She also loves to paint – and that’s no hogwash! Pigcasso’s primary purpose? To paint a better picture for farm animals. With your support, we will make it possible.


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I don’t know about you, but I want my very own Pigcasso, she’s absolutely adorable and such a talented painter!

Below you will find a video for your viewing pleasure of Pigcasso herself in action. Have a butchers (pun intended) and let us know what you thought of her masterpiece.

Don’t forget to watch Pigcasso at work in the video below. It truly is a masterpiece to behold. Also, at Thirsty we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. 🐖

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