Kim Jong-Un Just Released A Video Showing Off His Body Fitness — Donald Trump, Your Move
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Kim Jong-Un Just Released A Video Showing Off His Body Fitness — Donald Trump, Your Move



After a monumental (and quite hilarious) scandal which saw the “results” of Donald Trump’s presidential physical shed quite a few pounds from his weight and add an inch in height to remove him from the “clinically obese” BMI category by 1 pound making him just “overweight”, people have been waiting to see what would happen next.

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One person who wanted to ‘Trump’ Trump has gone and shared his own physical fitness regime to prove his superiority. That man is Donald’s mortal enemy, Kim Jong-un. Shots have been fired.

There hasn’t been a feud on this scale since Elton John dissed Madonna or when Mariah Carey denied knowing who Jennifer Lopez was. Donald Trump VS Kim Jong-un is the newest celebrity beef, however, these guys have nuclear weapons and that is not a good sign.

Now, in a bid to reign supreme in their many spats, battles and angry tweets, Kim has laid down the gauntlet by proving to Trump how physically hit he is after Trump’s painfully embarrassing results. Even Vladimir Putin riding shirtless on a horse isn’t as macho as this!

Kim Jong-un

Make sure you watch the video of Kim Jong-un’s physical fitness below to see why. Who do you think has taken the crown as “alpha” president? I think Trump may have been thwarted this round.

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Watch Kim Jong-Un showcase his physical fitness in the video below.

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