The Hopeless Halfpipe Skier Who Loopholed Her Way Into The Winter Olympics
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The Hopeless Halfpipe Skier Who Loopholed Her Way Into The Winter Olympics



I have some exciting sports news for you all. The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang is in full swing and as usual, the world is gripped by the sheer life-or-death dangers of the sports it features. You won’t have heard of her name before, but my word, you’re going to want to know who she is!

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Her name is Elizabeth Swaney and she’s fastly becoming as iconic as Eddie the Eagle. Why? Because she can’t ski anywhere near as good as her competitors. No, I’m serious, she’s nowhere near an Olympic standard but a loophole allowed her to compete.

A female American skier has been competing in the women’s half-pipe competition for Hungary despite having a lack of tricks in her repertoire and the fact she barely makes it into the air.

The Harvard-educated Silicon Valley worker Elizabeth Swaney, 33, finished dead last out of 24 competitors in Pyeongchang after spending years entering competitions around the world – usually finishing last.

Swaney who is born and raised in the United States managed to represent Hungary because of her grandparents’ heritage. However, Elizabeth finished bottom of the standings after laying down two basic runs that left her over 40 points behind the 12th-placed qualifier for the final.

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A video surfaced recently of her showreel from 2015 which saw Elizabeth having a bash at numerous sports including skiing and rollerblading.

“I hope to represent Hungary in the 2018 Winter Olympics”

After watching this video, it’s fair to say that her skills haven’t drastically changed. But Elizabeth certainly achieved her goals and did in fact, represent Hungary at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Although she completed both her runs without falling, Swaney didn’t attempt a trick any more advanced than an alley-oop. A trick where a skier rotates 180 degrees or more in the uphill direction.

Elizabeth Swaney Winter Olympics

Swaney’s best score still left her 13.60 points behind 23rd-placed Dane Laila Friis-Salling, who slipped on both her runs.

“I have been focusing on my Olympic experience but also on the halfpipe here and trying to go higher each time and getting more spins in.”

She’s a girl of many surprises, the Harvard-graduate also ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger in the race to become the Californian governor.

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Watch her Winter Olympics Women’s Half-Pipe run in the video below

I don’t know about you, but I started writing this article finding this woman to be a strange individual, but I’ve ended up loving her. She truly is the next Eddie the Eagle, a person with a dream!

Are you inspired by Elizabeth Swaney? Or do you just think she’s a crazy lady? At Thirsty we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought about the article in the comment section below. ⛷

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