Hilarious Photos of Dogs Trying To Catch Treats In Mid-Air Is The Best Thing You'll See Today
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Hilarious Photos of Dogs Trying To Catch Treats In Mid-Air Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today



“Who’s a good boy?” I think we may have found some of the greatest examples of animal photography that will show you why dogs are utterly awesome. And it all starts with a treat.

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A crispy biscuit treat is all you need to get the dogs’ faces lighting up like a ray of sunshine. They salivate, leap, bark and widen their eyes, all in the hopes of catching a snack.

German photographer Christian Vieler created a series called Dogs Catching Treats which does exactly what you would expect it to do. Christian captures incredible studio portraits of canine companions mid-leap for a tasty treat.

Vieler has been photographing dogs in his studio for over 3 years and over that time he came up with a variety of strategies and techniques to capture the best portraits of his pups.

Each dog has it’s own personality and characteristics making each photograph unique. Some go in all-guns-blazing to catch the treat while others have a more lackadaisical approach to catching food. Whether they have scepticism on their face or a look of sheer delight, each one is adorable in its own right.

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“Dogs never complain about a bad session. They don’t even seem to mind as long as treats keep coming.”

Vieler also states that the dogs don’t always catch the treat on the first try, but their dedication and will to keep going is what makes the project a fun one to capture.

Have a look at the rest of Christian’s images below.

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Which photograph was your favourite? Have you ever tried to capture a motion shot of your pup? If you have we’d love to see them so please send your pictures over. At Thirsty we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. 📷

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