In Classic Footage Richard E Grant Challenges Elton John To Improvise A Song Using Only An Oven Manual
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In Classic Footage Richard E Grant Challenges Elton John To Improvise A Song Using Only An Oven Manual



Sir Elton John is a colourful character, his eccentric personality, flamboyant clothing and phenomenal talent makes him a living legend. He has created some of the most incredible pop songs of all time; Your Song, Rocket Man, Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting and Crocodile Rock to name but a few.

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He’s been around for quite some time, he worked on The Lion King and even created the music for Billy Elliot: The Musical. He really is a man of many musical talents.

In fact, back in 1997, Sir Elton John took part in a TV show that has been a big part of British pop culture history. “An Audience With…” series was reserved for the best talents in music, acting and comedy and it truly was an accolade to be able to do your own.

It’s been said that Elton works very quickly on his music and he has a real knack for putting lyrics to music fast. With a claim like this, it’s only right that you will be challenged.

Richard E. Grant set Elton a grand task in front of a room full of admiring fans and fellow famous folk. He asked Elton to perform a song off the top of his head using lyrics that he hasn’t seen yet.

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Grant challenged John to create a quick song using lyrics that came from his oven manual. That’s right, Sir Elton John is going to sing the introductory pages to Richard E. Grant’s oven manual.

Elton John really is a musical genius? Do you think you’d be able to improvise a song to something so mundane?

Wasn’t that amazing? If he released the oven manual as a record, I’d probably buy it.

Also, I have one other little treat for you all. In the same show where Elton sang the oven manual song, he also performed ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart‘ with the Spice Girls.

Prepare to enjoy this absolutely iconic piece of 1990’s British television.

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