Beware Of Fake Claims Of Assaults At "Black Panther" Screenings – Here's Why
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Beware Of Fake Claims Of Assaults At “Black Panther” Screenings – Here’s Why



The new Black Panther movie hit the silver screens and so far, it’s been a pretty well-received movie. In fact, it’s been very well-received! But that doesn’t mean it’s controversy-free.

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However, the film itself hasn’t been the source of the controversy, it was actually regarding those who went to see the film (or didn’t in most cases).

White people up and down the country have been claiming that they’ve been the subjects of racially motivated assaults at screenings of the movie. The alleged attacks were apparently committed by black people who felt that Black Panther wasn’t a movie that white people were allowed to see.

Yes, you heard that right, people have apparently been getting attacked for trying to see a movie. However, after some very casual digging, some Twitter users were quick to debunk the claims as utter horse shit!

It’s utterly ridiculous the lengths people will go to to try and promote hatred is unreal. Instead of promoting racially motivated lies, why not sort out gun control?

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Twitter trolls were trying to cause outrage by making false claims of racial attacks at screenings of the Black Panther movie to try and incite hate speech and segregation.

One Twitter user posted an image stating that his girlfriend was assaulted as a gang of black teenagers shouted: “you at the wrong theatre”. The image was actually of a 19-year-old Swedish woman who was assaulted at a bar last month.

Another user claimed they were beaten by “a group of black youths” because she was white. They also claimed they were “heading to ER now” while uploading an image of a bloody paper towel with blood in a sink.

This, again, was completely false as one Twitter user uploaded a screenshot of a reverse image search showing that the image was actually an image from 2009 that appeared on the first page of Google images.

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You’d think that would be the end of it, but no, it turns out that there were a lot of sick, twisted liars who were trying to claim false victimhood like it was a badge of honour.

In fact, there were a lot of people who were finding images of bloodied faces and using them for their own narratives. Anything from people assaulted in bar fights to victims of domestic abuse. That’s pretty twisted if you ask me. And for what? To make people think that black people are assaulting any white person who wants to see Black Panther?

Again, this image was proven to be more bullshit. It was, in fact, a still from a 2013 viral video that was made in Serbia using special effects makeup to raise awareness of spousal abuse.

What’s worse is that some people are going to believe them and then the trolls will get what they wanted, they’re out to demonise the black community.

Black Panther

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Trust me when I say there are a lot more than this, it’s actually psychotic! The lengths some people will go to to try and spread hate is insane. Pathological liars are trying to spread their agenda of racism and hatred. So much for #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

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