Alison Hammond Delivers Hilarious 'Blade Runner 2049' Interview
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Alison Hammond Delivers Hilarious ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Interview



Getting actors in a room to talk about their new movie while they cycle from interviewer to interviewer asking the same questions repeatedly for their own publications can be tiresome.  Press junkets tend to go one of two ways. They’re either incredibly arduous with very little entertainment or scope coming out of them. Or they can become a somewhat humorous affair.

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So when Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling met with 42-year-old, Alison Hammond to talk about their new movie, Blade Runner 2049, we as the viewers knew we were in for a fun ride.

Alison first his our screens and stole our hearts in 2002 as a contest on the Season 3 of Big Brother UK. A year later she was working as a reporter and journalist for This Morning and we’ve loved her vivcaious personality ever since.

Alison hammond blade runner

The interview starts as most do with polite introductions as the crew sets up. Alison, even brought in a thoughtful gift. She presented Harrison with two whiskey glasses that were actual props from the original 1982 Blade Runner movie.

After Ryan Gosling compliments her on the imaginative gift, he goes on to ask if Alison is a fan of the movie. To which she replies “Never seen it” before all of them burst into fits of laughter. Gosling then says, “I appreciate your candour”.

In true ‘Alison Hammond’ style, everyone was put to ease with her larger-than-life personality and brilliant warmth. With this, the interview goes from strength to strength, with Harrison cracking some jokes about her bubbliness, stating that Alison needs to “cheer up”.

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The interview, now set in a new direction becomes a humorous chit-chat with very little attention to the movie itself. Gosling even opens up the mini-bar whiskey to get him through the interview.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen Harrison Ford in such a relaxed state. He rolled with the jokes, didn’t take himself too seriously and had good banter with the interview. Bravo Alison Hammond! You’ve given us one of the best interviews this week!

Don’t forget to watch Alison Hammond’s hilarious interview with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in the video below. Also, we here at Thirsty love hearing your opinions. So let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section.

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