33+ Unbelievably Crappy Design Fails That Went Unnoticed Until It Was Too Late
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33+ Unbelievably Crappy Design Fails That Went Unnoticed Until It Was Too Late



If you’ve got a message you want to send in your new advertisement, get a graphic designer in. If you want to get a new product out there, you find a product designer. Simple… Or so you would think.

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Sadly, not every idea goes to plan. Sure, they still look nice, and I’m sure the intentions were pure, but my word did they go wrong down the line.

But one man’s awful designs can be the whole internet’s treat. And my word, some of these are a treat to behold. I don’t even know what they were thinking about half of these!

Below is a list of some of the greatest design fails you will see all week. Make sure you think twice

1. Lovely intentions, but 2 out of 3 of these ‘clicks’ will not save your life.

2. AAA batteries x3 in the most frustrating way possible.

3. This awful lava lamp advert

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4. Shopping for COCk

5. DIE for success

6. …Except for Allison

7. A staircase for people who like to live dangerously.

8. You Are Alone!

9. Maybe you should reintroduce artificial dyes.

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10. Practice your kills

11. Dr Three-Hands

12. That baby is gonna need a new shin

13. A company slogan we can all live by

14. There are worse ways to be told.

15. “We’re not happy ’til you’re not happy”

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16. Good news, if you’re trapped in a burning building, you just wait till the fire brigade come and unlock you.

17. This is a book… A printed book.

18. The most terrifying poster in town!

19. One. Single. Blind.

20. Alphabetised Floors

21. You might want to rephrase that.

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22. Poor model choice

23. What a shitty bathroom

24. A perfect representation of adult life.

25. Don’t season the pigeons

26. Satanic nappies

27. Questionable font colours

28. The most inappropriate condom.

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29. That’s one way to sell a paper

I actually went to university in Falmouth in Cornwall and Truro was our closest city… Believe me, this wasn’t a one-off, the Truro Daily News was a peculiar newspaper.

30. Why are you giving it to me then?!

31. I 💖 Gym Cum

32. Vicious Incest

33. When the cafe in Vietnam includes the Shutterstock watermark.

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34. This sign is so poorly laid out.

35. What the hell is this?! I think my heart fell out of my arse.

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