29+ Disgruntled Employees Who Quit Their Bullsh*t Jobs In Style
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29+ Disgruntled Employees Who Quit Their Bullsh*t Jobs In Style



Bad jobs, sure, I’ve had a few. And I’m pretty sure that most of you have experienced some particularly shitty workplaces also. But how do you escape them? Simple, you quit!

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Now, if you’re fortunate enough to have not been sacked from somewhere, there’s no greater satisfaction than jumping before you’re pushed. But a simple letter of resignation doesn’t always cut the mustard.

All that can now change after you have a gander at some of these creative ways people have let their bosses know that they’re done with their bullshit.

Anything can rile you enough to want to quit, long hours, an inadequate wage, shitty colleagues, an even shittier boss or even just wanting a fresh start.

We hope these phenomenal ways of quitting a job will inspire you to get creative and go your own way. Enjoy.

1. Go big or go home!

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2. Everything tastes better with cake… Especially when you advertise your new career in cake making

3. This graphic designer who wanted to make his point digitally

4. Why not hide your resignation as a reminder behind a painting you gift your employer

5. A very disgruntled employee at Bed Bath and Beyond

6. Not all resignations are bitter… Some are alcoholic

7. Burn your frustrations into the hot plate. This technique is also great if you want to let your colleagues know that you’re gay.

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8. Proving you can neatly shelf-stack while getting your own back before you leave

9. “I’ve learned that it’s time to switch markers”

10. A danger to the road? Fuck it, you’ll be fine

11. Our condolences

12. Sometimes public shaming is the answer

13. Nothing purer than poetry, a nice note from a guy who actually enjoyed his job

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14. Call out your bosses faults, I’m sure they’ve got many

15. The end of a shitty job

16. A final automated response

17. Sally is a badass

18. A beautiful bit of Photoshop work

19. “This is a drawing of a dinosaur…”

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20. Another person (and their coworker) who knows that food is always a winner

21. Another cake entry with an exit

22. This game developer who created his own Mario level to let his team know he was going

23. Sorry for your loss

24. Print your letter onto a cake, another edible entry

25. Simplicity is key

26. This beautiful letter from a graphic designer

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27. Sign language

28. This person’s mom knows that cookies are key

29. A simple letter filled with aggression

30. D’oh

31. Simplicity

32. New job, who this?

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33. Brooks Was Here

34. Superbad

35. A beautiful film poster

And just as a bonus to you who made it this far, this spectacular gif of a news anchor who quit live on air because of a difference in opinions.

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Have any of these inspired you? What was the most interesting way you’ve ever quit a job? At Thirsty we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. 📉

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