20+ Struggles That Only Those Who Wear Glasses Will Understand
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20+ Struggles That Only Those Who Wear Glasses Will Understand



As a glasses wearer, there can some be some positives like being able to get varying designs to sit on your face each day, appear intellectual or have a snazzy accessory to hide your ugly face. But there is a hell of a lot of negatives.

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We’ve compiled a list of some of the best rants, raves and thoughts from fellow speccy four-eyes who have taken to Twitter and Tumblr to share their struggles with being visually impaired. A disability that sadly gets overlooked. They don’t have the short-sighted hurdles at the Olympics sadly. Thankfully, this list will be able to showcase our struggles to the rest of the world.

Who knows, maybe Bob Geldof will write a charity single for us all? We can only hope and pray.

1. The lies our eyewear tells the world.

2. All the time.

3. Jumping to conclusions

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4. The struggle is real.

5. When you sit and think…

6. I take my glasses off and my family remember how ugly I am.

7. Nothing kills a film like balancing a pair of plastic 3D glasses on top of your real glasses.

8. Brutal Honesty

9. Logic on a budget

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10. The real reason Harry Potter is fictitious.

11. When mere mortals don’t quite understand.

12. There are two types of glasses wearers in the world, ones with smudged lenses and liars.

13. Trying to pull.

14. It’s like taking the red pill in The Matrix.

15. How to avoid someone.

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16. My alibi wouldn’t hold out in a court of law.

17. Winter is a struggle.

18. It’s been a long day.


20. Everyone would be a lot better looking if I didn’t wear glasses.

21. Only speccy four-eyes’ will get it.

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22. Eventually, you just give up.

23. Visual vs Practical

24. The phantom glasses strike again!

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