10+ Times People Googled The Wrong Thing By Mistake And The Results Will Make You Howl
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10+ Times People Googled The Wrong Thing By Mistake And The Results Will Make You Howl



Grammar isn’t always people’s forte and getting an incorrect spelling can change a sentence entirely. I’m sure most of you have sent texts out and pressed ‘send’ before proof-reading only to find that your message no longer makes sense.

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The same can be said for Google searches, I’ve typed in a search pretty quickly only to realise that it was incorrectly spelt right as I strike the enter key.

Usually, it can be an inconvenience because your searches aren’t accurate enough. Though sometimes, you can be blessed with something you never thought you’d see.

If you type in “Tom Tanks” instead of “Tom Hanks”, you’re going to see some truly spectacular images. Same with “Judi Hench” or “Ryan Goosling”. All of these can give you thrills that you never expected to receive.

People were sharing screenshots of their craziest Google searches on Bored Panda and some of them are quite special. So we’ve decided to select our favourites for your viewing pleasure.

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So sit back, relax and enjoy these Google spelling disasters!

Battle Slippers

Baroque Obama

Corgo Ship

Tesla Cat

Arianna Gandi

Sailor Moo

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Machu Pikachu

How To Knit A Butthole

Lamb Brother

Bathtub Pugs

Civil Rights Cat

Overweight Cat

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Tom Tanks

John Lemon

Phil Burgess


Ryan Goosling

The Last Pupper

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Dog Bread

GoT Cats

Corgi Shorts


Dog Train


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Jabba Script


World Cub

Chicken Coupe

Beets By Dre

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Cat Owl

Steven Seagul




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Lady And The Trump

Kimono Dragon

Christ Pratt

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