10 People Who Need To Be Fired And 10 People Who Definitely Deserve A Raise
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10 People Who Need To Be Fired And 10 People Who Definitely Deserve A Raise



Some people take real pride in their work, showing their employers exactly why they hired them and going above and beyond in every available opportunity. Others just want to watch the world burn.

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At first, you might not think people are showing little effort, but when you compare the high achievers with the dregs, you really get to see the people who deserve a raise compared to those who need to be sacked.

Below you will see some fine examples of people who you would most definitely want to fire and those who you would much rather hire.

1. FIRED – This architectural disaster!

1. HIRED – The architect that created the beauty and organisation of this building.

2. FIRED – The sinking feeling (sorry) you get when you look at this.

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2. HIRED – The inventor of this pizza sauce robot

3. FIRED – This shambles of a tile arrangement

3. HIRED – These elevator tiles that we’re meticulously placed!

4. FIRED – This carpark nightmare

4. HIRED – This salesman for his incredible brushwork

5. FIRED – This packaging paradox

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5. HIRED – The designer of this incredibly satisfying box

6. FIRED – The audacity of whoever placed this piece

6. HIRED – This person who really knows how to create a visually appealing display

7. FIRED – The painter who painted this heartbreaking stripe around a corner

7. HIRED – Someone who truly takes pride in their displays/art

8. FIRED – The carpenter who burnt my eyeballs out with this monstrosity

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8. HIRED – This person who truly knows how to make a supermarket aisle look beautiful

9. FIRED – This evil/stupid human who is desperately trying to confuse our kids

9. HIRED – This Starbucks employee with the most satisfying penmanship

10. FIRED – The person who put up these uneven and unmatched hand dryers

10. HIRED – This cook who is efficient with their oven space

Have you ever seen an example of either poor or excellent design? Send us a picture in the comment section below. At Thirsty we love hearing all of your opinions. 📈

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